Teletalk Bangladesh Limited (The Govt. owned Mobile Operator in Bangladesh) [(mcc,mnc)=(470,04)]



HTTP API Specification (Made for Teletalk Bangladesh Limited): ugw-teletalk-http-api.pdf

Core Features:

1. Core Gateway Engine over SIGTRAN/IP
Developer: Nixtec Systems (Bangladesh)
Connection to Core Network: SIGTRAN (M3UA)
Capacity: With single MAP license it can handle total 65536 active unique (MO and/or MT) sessions. With more license (say ‘n’) it can handle ‘n’ times of 65536 sessions in single hardware.
TPS: Gateway core is capable to handle 5000+ TPS in current hardware (Single Quad core CPU with moderate RAM) [with more powerful hardware it can be more] (real performance depends on amount of traffic and how Core Network)
Development Language: C
Operating System: Linux
Polling Framework: Event Poll feature from Latest Linux Kernel for best performance and asynchronous behaviour
HTTP API was developed in PHP with MySQL database backend
Web based Management Interface
2. Technical support (optional, with charge) for setting up systems for redundancy and auto-failover (almost instantly) using VRRP